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FLY Guy Apparel


​Although FLY Guy is a spin-off of FLY Chics, I feel as though some men face some of the same issues as women.


Low self esteem, insecurities, lack of self love along with the burdens of the world they have to carry on their shoulders. So many men are broken and scarred from past childhood trauma which makes it hard to be the man they're destined to be. They cover it up with how they treat others because they haven't faced their problems head on.


I salute the guys who are brave enough to share their truths. It doesn't make them weak, it actually shows their strength and I respect the ones who're not yet comfortable with sharing. It takes nothing away from you. Self love is definitely the best love. You have to l​o​ve yourself in order to truly love someone else​.​

                                                     -Traci J♥

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