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CEO | Founder | Brand Mogul
All Things Traci J

Who Is Traci J?

Traci "Traci J" Jefferson is a serial "entrepreneur-DO-er"! She is the owner/operator of Trendy Transformation Salon LLC of Georgia and Alabama, where her goal is to transform women from the inside out. She is also the founder and CEO of FLY CHICS LLC, (Forever Loving Yourself) a clothing brand for women and also FLY WITH A PURPOSE, a women organization where she gives back to the community as well as empowering other women on self love. Traci is also the Chief Curator of the acclaimed fashion show, “The Best Kept Secret. She is also an Amazon Best Seller of her memoir, ‘’Walking In The Heels Of A Trendsetter” , a fashion blogger as well as an inspirational speaker. She is always looking to expand her mind and business capabilities.

Meet the Team


Mikayla Jackson

Project Manager


Enetha Smiley

Booking Manager


ZaPorria Baker

Brand Ambassador


Iesha Newton

Communication Specialist

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