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FLY Chics was birthed from a series of emotional and physical moments that I endured in my past. 

Overcoming abuse, low self-esteem, bitterness, heart breaks, suicide attempt, and loss of self love. Through prayer, faith, and strength I learned the real meaning of "self love."

F.L.Y. which stands for 'Finally Loving You' is more than a brand, IT'S A LIFESTYLE.

My mission behind the message is to let other women know that self love is a necessity and it is not selfish. We, as women, have to love ourselves first in order to truly love someone else. We have to make sure our foundation is strong. How can you pour from an empty vessel? Trust me, its okay to love yourself, FIRST! No one can love you more than you love YOU.

-Traci J♥


In Loving Memory
Our Forever Fly Chic
Mrs. Patricia Tatum
Fly With A Purpose
Vice President

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